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Organization, Professional Affiliate & Industry Collective memberships allow contacts within your company to be added to that membership group and receive the same benefits.

Support Organization membership is for organizations/companies, led by or founded by a parent with a NICU experience. Qualifying organizations/companies may be a 501c3 public nonprofit, small business, corporation, book author/advocate, or hospital support group. 

NICU Parent Insider level is for graduate NICU parents who have a passion for advocacy and education in Maternal Infant Health. The topics we discuss and share in our network may be difficult for graduate NICU parents to read about and bring up strong emotions about your experience. While it is not a requirement, we encourage only those parents who are 18 months or more removed from their NICU experience to sign up for this membership. The most important thing for newly graduated parents is to focus on the health and well-being of themselves and their babies.

Professional Affiliate level is for providers & professionals working in Maternal Infant Health with a focus on supporting NICU families that are not led by or founded by a parent who had a NICU experience. Qualifying organizations/companies may be 501c3 public nonprofit, small businesses, corporations, book author/advocate, hospitals or clinics, or provider/professional member association or society.

Industry Collective participants are those corporations working in Maternal Infant Health or other allied industries that support the work of NICU Parent Support Organizations and Leaders.

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